About Mommy Atli

Mommy Atli (also known as Astri Nugraha and Astri Merianti), a busy mom of 4 kids living in Canberra Australia since 1999. Well the first 7 years actually spent in Central Coast, Sydney.

Doing catering (even though now trying to cut out some big jobs), trying out new recipes, DIY-ing their new home, designing, gardening, sewing, and sooooo in love with the Hamptons style… Everything white, neutral, grey and dark wood… 🙂

Oh also living with 1 husband (Kangmas Hendra) and Ciyo, our beloved 3.5 years old grey Burmese cat.

Want to know more?
Just click on her instagram (the blog keluarganugraha.net is still live but hasn’t been updated for ages)